worship central course
worship central course:

Around half way through 2013 I had a call from a friend & freelance colleague in London. He had been working with Worship Central, (a Christian worship & music ministry based out of HTB Church in London) on a project but because of some other work that had come up, he was reluctantly looking to pass the project on. I was very happy to take it on and got involved straight away.

The project was for a course they run called the 'Worship Central Course', which is currently taking place in over 80 countries and with over 2,000 courses running worldwide. The project involved making a 20-ish minute video for each of the 7 sessions of the course. The sessions had already been filmed and most of the edits made when I inherited it, and the majority of my work was based around creating the graphical intro & all graphic overlays throughout each session, working on a color grade & making any final adjustments.

After making a few final edit changes, I began work on the graphics, starting with the lower thirds. After submitting a few initial designs, a style was selected and I developed the initial design through to completion. I had to create 4 types of lower third: ones for name tags, for main headings, for sub headings and for quotes.

Once I had implemented these graphics throughout the seven sessions, my focus turned to creating the intro. I listened to some of their recent songs and selected a track I thought would work well with the intro. I then began building the intro using the same style as the lower thirds. I was also sent some footage to use in the intro as well as the graphics.

Once all the graphics were approved and added to the sessions, I added a subtle color grade, sent the audio off for post production and finalized the videos for export! This project took quite a long time to be completed, but was fun to work on and the client was very pleased.


worship central course promo:

Towards the end of the project, I was asked by Worship Central if I could work with them to create a promo video for the course. They sent me the music, a script, some footage and a few visual references, and I was given some creative freedom to bring my own ideas and style to the video too.

I started by editing the footage together with text placeholders to work out timing, I then moved on to the graphics. I wanted the style to be similar to the graphics in the course videos but also to have its own unique elements. One of the visual references they had sent also had some nice floating motion on the text which I wanted to incorporate.

I came up with a graphical style and sent it over for approval. They loved the style and so I continued creating the graphics for all the text. We had a few gaps where we needed extra footage so I used some that I had shot recently in NYC & Maine. After a couple of small revisions, the promo was complete.

You can see the Worship Central Course promo here:

Motion Graphics created in Adobe After Effects CC
Edited in Adobe Premiere CC
Plugins used: Trapcode Mir, Data Glitch, Magic Bullet Looks II

and you can watch the Worship Central Course intro video here:

Motion Graphics created in Adobe After Effects CC
Edited in Final Cut Pro 7
Plugins used: Magic Bullet Looks II

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